Boo party 2018

October 31st – Halloween party and it took place at my bros and Margo crib – this year and year before. It’s nice to party in a place where we lived before. For Halloween, Fisheye no 2 and simple Kodak Color 200 played really well.

Check it out!

For the record, I was this wild lady and Mario was blue/violet pony but I saw a symbol of a young mustang. 

pony but I saw a symbol of a young mustang. 

Margarita, who is my bros girl was sooo close to Frida Kahlo. She is sitting next to the wall art that I did years ago.

And my brother looks like Vincent Van Gogh. He is standing next to the wall that I also painted years ago. 

Crazy bee-honey Gabriele eye and Erikas who won the contest of the greatest costume. I voted for Margo though but Erikas is a smart guy, somehow he won…

It seemed that Mario mixed kids Halloween party with adults one. 

Lomo Fisheye 2
Kodak Color Plus 200, 35mm