1. Photowalk & Film development Workshop in the Loft! (1 day)

In our first two workshops we and attendees got familiar with black&white film (Rollei Retro 400S) development with Ilford ID-11 and Ilford Rapid Fixer chemistry. Together we talked about analog photography, its tricks, walked and took pictures together for specific topics! 

Dates of workshops: 2019.09.07 and 2019.09.08
Duration: 8 hours


- say hello and meet each other
- brief history and theory of analog photography
- photowalk
- lunch
- demo of development process and theory
- development of a film

Results: https://kadrukadras.lt/blog/2019/09/16/dirbtuves-fotografuok-ir-ryskink-fabrike/

Stay tuned for upcoming dates!